BIG MOVES… Literally

So.. Is it finally time to move out of your parent’s house or your college apartment? Are you freaking out about being on your own and making your own decisions? There are a lot of big lifestyle changes coming your way. Looking for big girl/big boy jobs now? Having to move away from family and friends? Is it time to actually pay your own bills and do everything on YOUR OWN?! It is not always very clear of what to do and how to become an adult. Sure we mature with age, we grow up, we know more now, we … Continue reading BIG MOVES… Literally


You see all of your friends getting these big, important jobs, going to grad school, getting engaged, having babies. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO YOUR FRIENDS. Your time will come. Everything will all workout exactly how it is supposed to, and until then YOU DO YOU. Be your own self and start your own path to adulthood. Make everyone else jealous and want your BEST life that you are going to make it be. Don’t be afraid to step out and take a chance. You have to do what is best for yourself. Maybe that means moving away from your … Continue reading BIG ADVICE

The End is only a NEW Beginning

So, you just graduated, the day finally came and now it is gone. You look back and realize it came a lot quicker than you ever thought it would. So now what? I would recommend spoiling yourself a little after all the hard work you have been putting in to earning that degree! Make sure to take a trip, celebrate yourself, and enjoy your time while you can because things are about to start changing for you!! Continue reading The End is only a NEW Beginning

What my blog is all about

My blog will focus on how to prepare yourself for the real world. The overall purpose of my blog is to have a guide and some techniques to go by to prepare college students for the real world and supporting their own self for what comes next. What to expect as we grow up and learn that it is okay to make mistakes and take risks to put yourself out there to become noticed and work your way up to get the things we deserve. I would also like to explain and help others understand how right after you get … Continue reading What my blog is all about


Hello everyone, my name is Kaylee Willard. Welcome to my blog! A little about myself, well, I am a Senior at the University of Mississippi. I am getting married to my handsome fiancé in March of 2020. I am very excited about getting my Bachelor’s Degree from Ole Miss. I am a huge Ole Miss fan! I love spending time with my family, friends, and my four puppies, Rylee, Cash, Bella, and Tuff! I will be posting every week on preparing for adulthood!  Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. Continue reading WELCOME!